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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poetry Event Organizers Wanted

At present the Toronto Poetry Club is having 1 or 2 events per month, but we could be having more if we had more people volunteering as organizers.

Are you bossy and like being in charge? Can you find a location where 20 or so poets can meet and discuss poetry? Can you be on time or early for each meeting? Can you keep track of time so the meetup doesn't go overtime (poets have an attention span of roughly 2 hours)?

Well then you could be an Event Organizer for the Toronto Poetry Club. Contact [email protected] to learn more details.

In other news: 400 poets!

As of last night the Toronto Poetry Club Meetup group now has over 400 poets.

Want to come to one of our meetups? RSVP on

The photos below are from one of the February Poetry Meetups, which included live music from a local Toronto songwriter.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 raises prices, Poetry Club sponsors welcome has decided to raise their prices. Here is a copy of part of the email which was sent to the Toronto Poetry Club organizer:

"In 2015, Meetup will be introducing new pricing plans for all Meetup groups.

Under our new plans, smaller groups will pay a little less (Basic plan) and larger groups will pay a little more (Unlimited). Since you organize a larger Meetup, you will be on the Unlimited plan.

Beginning February 17, 2015, your new price will be $14.99 per month, billed every 6 months at $89.94.

We've always done everything we can to keep Organizer Dues fair and affordable for organizers everywhere. Your current Meetup price of $12 per month was set in place almost 10 years ago and hasn't changed until now. With the new pricing plans, we hope to help more Meetups start near you so you can attract more members who might be right for your group."

So basically the upkeep of the Toronto Poetry Club's meetup page will be roughly $180 USD / year going forward. Fortunately the club has been getting new sponsors on a regular basis so I don't think we are in any kind of dire financial condition.

The sponsors shown in the image on the right are: "How Do I Love Thee?", a theatre production about two poets getting married, Rawlicious, a raw vegan restaurant in High Park North, and 7 West (who was made a honourary sponsor because they have been letting us use space at their pub/cafe for poetry meetups). To see the complete list of current sponsors see the Toronto Poetry Club page on

Originally the Toronto Poetry Club was started by Stephen Miniotis, so he deserves the credit as the first founder of the club. That version of the club however was deleted by in December 2013 when Stephen lost interest in maintaining the club and failed to renew the club.

The club was then refounded by Charles Moffat in March 2014, who instituted a donations policy for club members attending meetups.

The donations policy means several things.

#1. If you join the club but forget to ever attend a meetup, you don't pay a cent.

#2. For those attending meetups you donate as much as see fit, regardless of whether it is a few spare nickles or $20. Or nothing. Nobody is forcing you to donate. Some people have even donated TTC tokens, which Moffat has recorded as their cash value.

#3. Every cent collected from donations is recorded and listed on the Toronto Poetry Club's finances, along with all expenditures and also sponsorship donations.

Sponsoring the Toronto Poetry Club is a mere $25 so if you run a local Toronto business that you feel would benefit from advertising we welcome your support of the Toronto Poetry Club.

To see the complete list of expenditures and contributions see the Toronto Poetry Club finances page on

The graphic on the right does not include the upcoming $89.94 which will be due on or before March 27th 2015.

At present the Toronto Poetry Club is in good financial condition and this will hopefully continue thanks to the donations of members and our sponsors.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


As of today redirects to - and also redirects to as well.

This was really a leftover from the old Toronto Poetry Club (which got deleted), but the domain name still exists (and is registered under the previous president's name).

Long story short, the was redirecting to, a page which did not exist... but as of today it now does, and our Meetup page should now be easier for people to find.

It also means that old links that were advertising have effectively been fixed because they are now linking to the correct location of the Meetup website.

Yada yada yada, a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, it is all fixed.


That is until the domain name registration runs out and we have to register it again. Oh well.


And now we have lost, because the domain name registration has expired. It expired 23-dec-2014, but now is "in holding" should the old president of the poetry club try to renew it.

So we need to wait for it to fully expire before we can register it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Poetry Editing and Proofreading Services

The Toronto Poetry Club has a new sponsor. is now an official sponsor of the Toronto Poetry Club. is a local company which helps University of Toronto students by editing and proofreading essays, school projects, essay writing services, resume writing, etc.

But you can also hire them to edit and proofread your poetry.

Or you could just come to a Toronto Poetry Club meeting instead and get the same service for FREE by talking to your fellow poets in Toronto.

So not to pootah our new sponsor, but come on, why would you pay for a service you could get for free just by signing up and becoming a member of the Toronto Poetry Club? And coming to our lovely monthly meetings, which is a great social event to meet other poets and writers.

If you want to sponsor the Toronto Poetry Club just contact us, donate a sum of money to our poetry club coffers (minimum $30 donation if you want us to give you a link), and we will post about you being one of our official sponsors and include a link to your company website.

Thank you for supporting local poetry in Toronto!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Toronto Poetry Club on

Today we registered the Toronto Poetry Club on

It is pretty easy to find, it is

So if you are already a member you just need to look for Toronto poetry on meetup and you will find it.

We also operate a Facebook group (The Toronto Poetry Club on Facebook) at if you want to join that too.

For all other news stick to our official website,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome to the Toronto Poetry Club!


The Toronto Poetry Club meets the last Thursday of every month in the map room at the Univesity of Toronto's Hart House.

Everyone is welcome. There is no admission fee, although donations are welcome.

During each meeting everyone will get a turn to read one or two of their poems. Please avoid writing huge poems that take 20 minutes to read, followed by a short discussion / thoughts / suggestions and feedback.

The Toronto Poetry Club is COMPLETELY non profit. We will never try to sell you a poetry book or anything like that, although members are welcome to conveniently mention "Oh by the way, feel free to buy my book 'Zombies and Daffodils' if you like gory pink zombie poetry..." Or something like that.

[There is no book called 'Zombies and Daffodils', that was a joke, but it does sound like an amusing poetry book.]

If you wish to join the Toronto Poetry Club all you need to do is contact us via Facebook or email charlesmoffat at charlesmoffat dot com.

Thank you and have a nice day!