Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poetry Event Organizers Wanted

At present the Toronto Poetry Club is having 1 or 2 events per month, but we could be having more if we had more people volunteering as organizers.

Are you bossy and like being in charge? Can you find a location where 20 or so poets can meet and discuss poetry? Can you be on time or early for each meeting? Can you keep track of time so the meetup doesn't go overtime (poets have an attention span of roughly 2 hours)?

Well then you could be an Event Organizer for the Toronto Poetry Club. Contact [email protected] to learn more details.

In other news: 400 poets!

As of last night the Toronto Poetry Club Meetup group now has over 400 poets.

Want to come to one of our meetups? RSVP on

The photos below are from one of the February Poetry Meetups, which included live music from a local Toronto songwriter.

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