Monday, March 31, 2014

Poetry Editing and Proofreading Services

The Toronto Poetry Club has a new sponsor. is now an official sponsor of the Toronto Poetry Club. is a local company which helps University of Toronto students by editing and proofreading essays, school projects, essay writing services, resume writing, etc.

But you can also hire them to edit and proofread your poetry.

Or you could just come to a Toronto Poetry Club meeting instead and get the same service for FREE by talking to your fellow poets in Toronto.

So not to pootah our new sponsor, but come on, why would you pay for a service you could get for free just by signing up and becoming a member of the Toronto Poetry Club? And coming to our lovely monthly meetings, which is a great social event to meet other poets and writers.

If you want to sponsor the Toronto Poetry Club just contact us, donate a sum of money to our poetry club coffers (minimum $30 donation if you want us to give you a link), and we will post about you being one of our official sponsors and include a link to your company website.

Thank you for supporting local poetry in Toronto!

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